PPA Cover

We offer a wide range of services including reliable and dedicated PPA cover to ensure schools meet the government guidelines of a minimum of 2 hours good quality PE each week; demonstration lessons for staff, parents, governors, borough Sports Co-ordinators, sport development officers or any other stake holders; PE sessions for parents and carers, Sports CPD teaching support for school staff; lunchtime supervisor training in how to engage children during their lunch break and much more.
We are also trained to support, lead or develop any school initiatives to improve children’s participation and passion in sport. We are passionate about Physical Education for all children and recognise the importance of increasing passion and love of sport in girls of all ages. We have a special programme for girls that are struggling to engage in sport for a variety of reasons and support them in realising the opportunities in sport for their health, well- being, emotional stability, confidence, motivation and zest for life.

Passion For Teaching

Passion For Sports