Other Projects

Chance to Play

Chance to Play is a charity whose mission is to ‘Empower vulnerable children through exercise and sport’. They are a privately funded charity whose aim is to set up sports programmers for girls, using the tool of sport to empower, and build self-esteem.

Together with Badu sports we have developed a FREE Girls Sports Programme.

  • FREE 8 week programme
  • After school club (suitable to school timings)
  • Summer Term
  • Delivered by BADU sports coach
  • Open to girls of all ages

  • The level of self-esteem is a key to psychological well being, participation in sports leads to greater sense of achievement and empowerment. Physical activities enable girls to develop a sense of ownership of their bodies rather than regarding them as sexual objects. Increasing the number of girls’ participating in sports and exercise opens up opportunities for them to which in turn benefits the communities they are in volved with.


  • Higher grades
  • Greater Concentration
  • Healthier – reduce risk of obesity
  • Higher attendance levels due to improved confidence and more motivated to learn
  • Improved behavior
  • Awareness of what the body can do rather than an unhealthy focus on body image
  • Reach Out

    From November 2016 Badu sports will be working with reach out, delivering some football sessions on Thursday evenings with Year 7 and Year 8 children who are falling behind in class and need additional support to find out more please click the link: www.reachoutuk.org

    London Youth Games

    London Youth Games Badu sports has helped improve an Inner London Borough’s position In the London youth Games over the last 6 years. Our coaches have run trials, selected pupils for teams, trained and developed them and managed teams in tournaments. Badu Sports has been consistent in finishing in the top 5 or winning tournaments.
    Badu sports have run the following sports for an Inner London Borough:

  • Mini Mixed Football teams
  • Girls Football teams
  • Boys Football teams
  • Girls Handball teams
  • Boys handball teams
  • Tag Rugby teams
  • Hockey teams
  • Disability Football teams

  • The Balfour Beatty London Youth Games is Europe’s largest youth sports festival. It is now a season of events taking place over 9 months including both School and Community Competitions across 30 different sports. The competitions are part of the national School Games Programme. School Competitions are organised locally by School Games Organisers, with the London finals hosted by LYG. Open competitions enable the most talented young people in each London borough to compete to become champions of London. Teams are organised by the sports development team in your local authority and BADU Sports is a facilitator of this in an Inner London Borough.

    Personal Best

    Overview of personal best programme.

    “Personal Best” is Hackney’s established sport and healthy lifestyles programme aimed at 9-11year-olds. Badu sports as been supporting this initiative in the London Borough of Hackney for over six years, inspiring young people across the borough to achieve their personal best inOlympic and Paralympic sports.

    Personal Best is fully inclusive, as the children compete against themselves to achieve their own personal bests in a range of sports: long jump, triple jump, shot put, speed run , javelin, speed bounce and the Paralympic sport of boccia.

    Our Specialist coaches provide training in technique and record progress. Badu sports coaches have helped to deliver this programme in over 48 schools; encouraging and motivating pupils tobemore confident and try out new sports .

    All pupils receive a Personal Best workbook which includes healthy messages, a personal lifestyle diary, information about Olympic and Paralympic Games, and a record of their own Personal Best performances.

    Badu sports coaches help the children to understand that with practice there will always beanimprovement . The children understand and identify their developments from the second lesson onwards with the encouragementof our coaches .

    This is a great programme for boosting pupils self- confidence and enjoyment of new sports and supports children in understanding the importance of setting goals and the hard work that goes into meeting them.